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Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage #balayage

All those ashy, faded, and greyish tones are so popular today. But, unfortunately, not all of them look natural. And this is where ash blonde balayage comes in! Though the ash-to-greyish hue prevails in this color idea, the streaks of natural blonde balance out the whole look, giving a very harmonic and effortless appearance.

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Ginger Hair Balayage

Ginger Hair Balayage #balayage

Since the overwhelming popularity of ginger hair is not going to stop spreading around the globe, more and more ladies are dreaming about this color. And instead of getting envious every time a natural ginger-haired girl passes by, you’d better check out the variety of balayage options that can add a reddish hue to your life. This balayage hair idea is something unbelievable: caramel brown base smoothly becomes a flirty ginger shade. Why don’t start with it? It’s practically safe, especially if you start with brunette hair.

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Caramel Dimension

Caramel Dimension #balayage #brunette #blondehair

To achieve a multidimensional hair color naturally, you need to spend a lot of time soaking the sunlight. Sounds great, but not all women can afford such long-lasting beauty procedure. So here comes caramel balayage, the mix that can create a dimensional and, most importantly, natural look. It’s one of the coolest options for brunettes as they only need to bleach some strands to bring it to life.

Source: suetyrrellstylist via Instagram

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