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Sombre vs Balayage

Sombre vs balayage – what’s the difference? Sombre is a softer version of an ombre fade. Balayage, as we said before, is a hand-painted highlighting technique. Sombre is a great way to lighten up the ends of your hair, while balayage is an all over highlighting effect. Sombre is the perfect solution if you want a pretty look that grows out beautifully and does not require a lot of upkeep.

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Sombre hair is very chic and sophisticated if you are looking for a very soft ombre or balayage effect. This pretty brunette ombre with honey brown hues is just striking. Curl your ends to show off the pretty multidimensional shades of brown.

Source: natalieannehair via Instagram

Sombre vs Balayage Highlights #balayage #highlights

This pretty sombre fade looks so natural that no one will guess you color your hair. The dark to light brown fade is so subtle but yet adds a ton of depth and dimension.

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Sombre vs Balayage Brown #balayage #highlights #brownhair

If you aren’t afraid to go a bit lighter, this dark brown to honey blonde sombre effect is just splendid. The waterfall curls give it a ton of body while the pretty shimmery shades add more texture.

Source: petermenezes via Instagram

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