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Pick a Flattering Balayage Style for Your Hair Color

If you have completely fallen in love with the concept of balayage hair color, but are unsure if you can pull off this trendy color technique with shorter hair, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Whether you have a shorter haircut such a pixie or a shoulder-grazing lob, you can totally rock balayage hair coloring! Balayage hues are flattering on both straight and curly tresses and look fantastic on any natural hair color or texture!

Of course, like any hair coloring technique, balayage coloring will require upkeep to maintain your gorgeous new look. The general rule for balayage color is between six and eight weeks for touch-ups. This is definitely the case when it comes to blonde hues or highlights. However, there are some colors that will last longer between visits to the salon.

If you are torn between if and how to balayage at home or booking an appointment with a professional colorist, you should read information in the following section before making that choice.

Do any of these entice you? If so, read on to find the hottest balayage hair color idea for short hair?

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