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Ombre Hair

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Follow these rules if you opt for ombre:

1. Consider the tone. Some brassy tint can be often observed on ombre hair, and that is a mistake. Why this happens? It happens if your hair is dark and your stylist uses bleach with reddish tones on it. But orange tones can be removed with a toner in an ashy or cool shade.

2. Make sure the process is healthy. Ombre involves bleach that can damage your tresses. Plus, the bleach is concentrated on the most easily damaged areas. To avoid having split ends, get your tresses trimmed after or before going ombre. And weekly deep-conditioning is a must.

3. Harsh lines look weird. Harsh lines between two shades appear fake and cheap. Ombre is supposed to look sun-kissed, natural and not resemble dye job in an obvious way. This can be avoided with rubbing the dye in your tresses using a toothbrush in case an expensive salon treatment is not an option for you.

4. Too drastic is never good. Always take into account the natural shade of your tresses before going ombre. For example, don’t go much lighter if your natural tresses are dark. Get lighter ends if your natural tresses are light brown or dark blonde. Remember, the result should look natural.

5. Don’t argue with your stylist. Please, don’t go for bleaching at home unless you are a skilled colorist. It’s better to leave this job to professional stylists. And a professional knows what will flatter you. So, it’s wise to follow the advice.

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