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Balayage Technique

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Is the balayage technique very time-consuming?

Well, it all depends on its depth. Few highlights won’t take much time – about an hour, while the full coverage may take about 3 hours. But the great news is that you will not have to go for a touchup soon, so every minute spent in the salon is worth it.

Why is it so popular today?

The answer is simple. These celebrities adore balayage: Jennifer Lopez, Gisele, Olivia Palermo, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Biel, Amber Heard, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian. Once people noticed this technique on beauty icons, they began requesting this look. As a result, it became extremely popular worldwide.

Is it high maintenance?

Actually, comparing to traditional coloring, balayage is not that high maintenance. When balayage grows out, it looks beautiful, without any sharp transitions. Which means that a woman can postpone her next visit to the salon. What can be better for a modern woman with her busy lifestyle? And subtle babylights allow for even more low maintenance. It’s also smart to splurge on good quality styling products for color care. This investment will definitely pay off as the fresh color for a longer time is guaranteed. And gloss or toner will help you get rid of brassiness, if such problem emerges over time.

Is balayage suitable for any length/hair type?

Balayage works for dark and light-colored hair and any hair texture. Whether your tresses are curly, wavy, or straight, the color will appear equally pretty. As for the hair length, any hair length will work for balayage, except for cropped or very short hair. But it will appear especially flattering on textured, long tresses.

Can I get balayage if my tresses are grey?

Unfortunately, grey is the only no-no when it comes to balayage. Balayage can blend in and disguise grey a bit. However, it won’t ensure the full coverage. If you are greying and wish to hide it, go for something else.

Why is balayage timeless?

This technique creates a personalized, unique color finish. It makes your tresses appear natural and healthy, and that never goes out. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a subtler or bolder finish. Its capability of tailoring the color effect the way you wish is what makes this technique so popular.

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