Hairstyles for weddings are the essentials for every bride who wants to be on point on her special day. We know: the detail that actually attracts everyone’s attention is the wedding dress. But who said that a bride’s hairstyle is less important? The truth is that it’s a tough task to find a hairstyle that will both emphasize all the beauty of a bride and complement the celebration look. There are so many different hairdos for special occasions, how to find out which one would be perfect for you? Leave it up to us, we prepared a guide that won’t let you down!


Beautiful Braided Wedding Hairstyles

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Wedding hair styles look extremely cute when they are combined with braids. Add a couple of braids to a simple topknot or updo. This will create a great of-the-moment look. A fishtail braid will give your look some bohemian vibes.


Amazing Hairstyles with Accessories

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Wedding hairstyles for short hair present a ton of options. For this length of hair, an accessory becomes a key element in the wedding look. But try to keep it simple. A small sparkling pin will be just what you need. Also, a flowery accessory will be cute.

Beautiful Bun Hairstyles for Cute Brides

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We have also some unique ideas for those who are more creative in their nature. Try using an accessory with rhinestones or flower crowns. We can guarantee that with this kind of ‘do, all eyes will be on you.


Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Every Girl's Big Day

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A safe choice for any wedding is curls. The effect of this ‘do is stunning. Curls are exactly what you need, if you are striving for a Hollywood look. A loose version of curls feels so romantic and cute.

Best Hairstyles Ideas for Long Hair

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The list of options for long hair owners is infinite. The best ideas include high or middle buns and side swept curls. Add some accessory to it, and a gorgeous look is totally ready for the best day in your life.


Delightful Ideas for a Charming Bridal Look

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Why not opt for a hair color that is close to your natural shade?

Magical and Romantic Hairstyles

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Add fresh roses in pastel shades to your bridal look for a totally feminine vibe.

Lovely Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

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Ask your hair stylist about hair accessories. Will the embellishments complement your overall image?


Admirable Updo Ideas for Prom

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Updos never go out when it comes to bridal fashion. Ideal hairstyles for classic brides.

Beautiful Updos for Prom Night

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A classic updo is definitely the best for your prom night.

Messy and Trendy Updos with Flowers

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With a curly updo like this one, you will look like a princess you’ve always dreamt to be.


Nice Wavy Prom Hairstyle for Middle Length Hair

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A gorgeous half-up wavy wedding hairdo - this is what you can do easily yourself.

Brilliant Ideas for Thick Hair

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These amazing hairstyles will work great for ladies who have thicker locks. Volume is everything!

Fantastic Hairstyles with Jewelry

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If you have some extra money, why not splurge on some expensive jewelry for your hairstyle?


FAQ: Hairstyles For Weddings

Can you wear a ponytail to a wedding?

Absolutely! This elegant and timeless hairdo is ideal for brides. Ponytails aren’t designed for lazy days and workouts only. They’re also absolutely appropriate for your wedding day!

Do you get hair or makeup done first for a wedding?

Experts from the Las Vegas Academy of Hair Design recommend getting your hair done first, then your cosmetics. Don’t let this worry you out too much! It doesn’t really matter the sequence you do things in.