There is barely a lady in the world who wouldn’t want to draw the best facial features out while hiding all the flaws if any. Makeup is just one of the means to succeed with the task. However, you should not forget about the haircut as well as the hairstyle you are wearing. Face framing highlights have been introduced into fashion with the sole purpose of emphasizing the pros and purely eliminating the cons. In case you are still unaware of this trending technique and how to add it to your everyday look – you have come to the right place!


What are Face Framing Highlights?

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First things first, we should help you understand better what the front hair highlights stand for and what they generally represent. Face-framing highlighting is a hair dyeing technique that was trending a while ago. However, these days hairdressers breathed in new life into it. When the technique is applied to one’s hair, the foremost strands of the hair along the hairline are highlighted with the color that suits you most. The rest of the hair may remain untouched or may feature related highlights. It depends upon personal preferences. The framing strands accent the facial features and bring them out.


Why Do They Call It a Money Piece?

Very often, face-framing highlights are called money piece hair. You should realize that the technique makes anyone look cheap or dull, not in the least. It is just so fast and effortless to come up with that it literally takes minutes to achieve. Not to mention that it will cost you pennies, and even the novice will be able to replicate the look.

Where Do You Put Highlights To Frame Your Face?

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Since these are the front highlights that we are discussing, they should be put nowhere but in the front. In the majority of cases, the highlights follow the natural parting along with the hairline. It depends upon the outcome that you are trying to achieve. Smaller waves result in a softer look, while heavier strands will result in a bold personality reflection. However, you should not go over the edge with the application.


Face Front Blonde Hair Highlights Ideas

Going edgy and daring is not for all. However, if you seek a subtle hairstyle change with a visible and suiting effect, then face framing blonde highlights are to consider. The variety of options to choose from is grand. See for yourself!

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Face Framing Highlights on Dark Hair

Face framing highlights on dark hair vary from subtle two-two lighter strands to dramatic silver waves. While either option is mesmerizingly beautiful, you need to be aware of the fact that the lighter you go, the more bleaching there will be. Nevertheless, in the hands of a professional hairstylist, there is nothing to worry about. Just show your stylist a picture you want your hair to look like and wait a bit to enjoy the transformation!

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Flashy Color Face Framing Highlights

Both face framing highlights short hair and long locks can be incredibly vibrant and colorful. Be it a complementing tone or a neon accent, as long as it makes you feel happy and fulfilled – go for it!

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Face framing highlights can introduce that fresh twist to your look without a serious transformation or sacrifice. The variety of options to choose from is undoubtedly impressive, while the cost is utterly affordable. There is rarely anything better than to enhance your look and enjoy every single glance in the mirror, is there?

FAQ: Face Framing Highlights

What is a face frame Balayage?

Face-framing highlights are a coloring method that draws attention to your most appealing features. Say to your stylist that you want strategically placed waves and have carefully chosen coloring indications that will direct the eye to the right location.

Do highlights brighten your face?

Highlights differ from a person’s natural hair color in that they are lighter. They’re typically used to impart radiance to small hair sections. When used correctly, highlights can make a natural impression and assist to enhance the face.

What is better balayage or highlights?

Balayage is a good option for those looking for subtle highlights to break up their hair. Foiled highlights are much better than balayage at removing orange and red zones, and your hairstylist will thus have better control over the tone of your hair with foiled highlights.

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