Lovely Ideas for Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas to Choose From

Chocolate brown hair looks very beautiful and 'tasty' as it reminds of the sweet flavour of chocolate, and who doesn't love chocolate? Besides, this hair color is compatible with every skin type, and, thus, will suit every lady.


If you have natural brown hair, you could experiment with such a hair color and achieve the effect of either dark chocolate, milk chocolate or spicy chocolate color.

Soft and Shiny Brown Hair Color

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Make your natural brown hair look shinier by using a special shampoo and hair conditioner. Also, you could slightly wave it to have a more casual look.


Deep Chocolate Color

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Deep chocolate color looks very natural and mysterious. If your hair is long, this color will highlight all the beauty of your hair that will look amazing no matter where you are heading to.

Dark Chocolate Hair Color with Copper Hues

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Do you love dark chocolate? If yes, you could make your hair mimic that beautiful dark chocolate color. To avoid having a gloomy look, you could add some highlights with the copper color.


Brown Wavy Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

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Blonde highlights will look especially beautiful on wavy hair. You could also add some reddish highlights if you are more of an experimental type!

Short Chopped Bob

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If you have chocolate brown hair, get experimental with the haircut. If you are tired of long hair and aren’t sure about getting a very short haircut, short chopped bob is a perfect alternative.


Dark Ombre on Brunette Hair

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Make your brunette hair look more interesting and mysterious by adding dark ombre. Such hairstyle will highlight your facial features. It can be worn with various clothing styles and will always look fashionable.

Beautiful Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

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Do you like chocolate with caramel? If so, you could make beautiful caramel highlights on brown hair that will look even tastier than the chocolate with caramel. This look is good for women who are bold, independent yet feminine at the same time.

Solid Chocolate Color and Blunt Cut

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If you are more in favor of a classical style, go for solid chocolate color and a straight haircut. It will look beautiful no matter whether you have short or long hair. You could wear some shiny hair clips to create a more stunning look.


Chic Chocolate Hair Color

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Add some spice to the chocolate hair color by having some slightly visible red highlights. It will look particularly good if you have long layered hair. Such hairstyle will look good on anyone and everywhere. You could either go to work or go out, and your hair will be irresistible!

Bronze Brunette Hair Color

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Brown hair color comes with an array of variations, one of which is bronze brunette color. It is suitable for women who have warm skin tone. Add some natural makeup, and you’ll look great everywhere. People will definitely pay attention to your beautiful hair and your amazing personality.