Chocolate brown hair looks very beautiful and 'tasty' as it reminds of the sweet flavour of chocolate, and who doesn't love chocolate? Besides, this hair color is compatible with every skin type, and, thus, will suit every lady.


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If you have natural brown hair, you could experiment with such a hair color and achieve the effect of either dark chocolate, milk chocolate or spicy chocolate color.

Soft and Shiny Brown Hair Color

Soft and Shiny Brown Hair Color #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_sofiya.bravo

Make your natural brown hair look shinier by using a special shampoo and hair conditioner. Also, you could slightly wave it to have a more casual look.


Deep Chocolate Color

Deep Chocolate Color #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_salsalhair

Deep chocolate color looks very natural and mysterious. If your hair is long, this color will highlight all the beauty of your hair that will look amazing no matter where you are heading to.

Dark Chocolate Hair Color with Copper Hues

Dark Chocolate Hair Color with Copper Hues
by @instagram_hairby.ashleypac

Do you love dark chocolate? If yes, you could make your hair mimic that beautiful dark chocolate color. To avoid having a gloomy look, you could add some highlights with the copper color.


Brown Wavy Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Brown Wavy Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights
by @instagram_hairby.ashleypac

Blonde highlights will look especially beautiful on wavy hair. You could also add some reddish highlights if you are more of an experimental type!

Short Chopped Bob

Short Chopped Bob #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_ro.hsiqueira

If you have chocolate brown hair, get experimental with the haircut. If you are tired of long hair and aren’t sure about getting a very short haircut, short chopped bob is a perfect alternative.


Dark Ombre on Brunette Hair

Dark Ombre on Brunette Hair #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

Make your brunette hair look more interesting and mysterious by adding dark ombre. Such hairstyle will highlight your facial features. It can be worn with various clothing styles and will always look fashionable.

Beautiful Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

Beautiful Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

Do you like chocolate with caramel? If so, you could make beautiful caramel highlights on brown hair that will look even tastier than the chocolate with caramel. This look is good for women who are bold, independent yet feminine at the same time.

Solid Chocolate Color and Blunt Cut

Solid Chocolate Color and Blunt Cut #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_ro.hsiqueira

If you are more in favor of a classical style, go for solid chocolate color and a straight haircut. It will look beautiful no matter whether you have short or long hair. You could wear some shiny hair clips to create a more stunning look.


Chic Chocolate Hair Color

Chic Chocolate Hair Color #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_sheffpavelstylist

Add some spice to the chocolate hair color by having some slightly visible red highlights. It will look particularly good if you have long layered hair. Such hairstyle will look good on anyone and everywhere. You could either go to work or go out, and your hair will be irresistible!

Bronze Brunette Hair Color

Bronze Brunette Hair Color #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_presleypoe

Brown hair color comes with an array of variations, one of which is bronze brunette color. It is suitable for women who have warm skin tone. Add some natural makeup, and you’ll look great everywhere. People will definitely pay attention to your beautiful hair and your amazing personality.

Medium Bob with Light Brown Highlights

Medium Bob with Light Brown Highlights #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

On your medium length bob, elevate your style with light brown highlights that blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair. This chic combination offers a perfect balance between sophistication and a touch of playful warmth, giving your chocolate brown hair a delightful twist.


Cherry Chocolate Balayage Hair

Cherry Chocolate Balayage Hair #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

It is hard to go wrong with balayage which is why our hair experts have added this cherry chocolate balayage hair to the list. This hair idea introduces a fusion of deep chocolate tones and luscious cherry hues, creating a stunning gradient that's as sweet and indulgent as your favorite box of chocolates.

Multi-Hue Brown Balayage Bob

Multi-Hue Brown Balayage Bob #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_hairbykaitlynbrown

For more depth and dimension to your love, a multi hue brown balayage on a Bob hair speaks volume. You can start your roots with darker brown tones and end the tips of your hair with a more brighter tone. It’s a subtle style that works well with both the winter and summer season.

Shoulder Length Chocolate Hair

Shoulder Length Chocolate Hair #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_sheffpavelstylist

While others love a gradation in their hair color, some love to keep theirs straight and simple. And for that reason, our editors have decided a shoulder length chocolate hair might be just what you need. Your hair styled in this color would look as glossy and shiny and would compliment any outfit of your choice.


Sultry Chocolate Balayage for Thick Hair

Sultry Chocolate Balayage for Thick Hair #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_salsalhair

One of the ways to embrace the thick texture of your hair according to our expert stylists is by getting indulged in lovely hair tones. For instance a seamless blend of dark and milk chocolate tones, will compliment your hair texture and add to its voluminous charm.

Sleek Ash Brown Balayage Bob

Sleek Ash Brown Balayage Bob #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_ro.hsiqueira

Embrace a contemporary edge with a sleek ash brown balayage bob. This modern twist on traditional chocolate hues introduces cool ash undertones, offering a sophisticated and chic look that's perfect for those who crave a touch of urban glamor. You’ll no doubt have to get regular trims to maintain this cut.

Brown Layers for Thick Hair

Brown Layers for Thick Hair #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

Opt for the timeless appeal of brown layers designed for thick hair. This choice emphasizes the natural beauty of your locks, adding depth and movement to your overall style. For better texture, use a rolling iron to curl the tips of your locs and some face framing strands and you’re ready for any occasion.


Chocolate Hair with Toffee Highlights

Chocolate Hair with Toffee Highlights #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_isaac4mayor

If you want a variety of tones, from dark chocolate to toffee highlights to dance around your locs, then you should try this chocolate tone idea. Perfect for the fall season, you get to indulge in the richness of chocolate base hair and the sunkissed highlights of toffee. Overall, your style exudes warmth, brightness and depth.

Dark Curls with Copper Glimpses

Dark Curls with Copper Glimpses #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_sheffpavelstylist

So far, it’s quite evident that the chocolate tone can easily pair with other hair colors to produce a style that’s hard to ignore. This time around, our experts have decided that the introduction of little copper glimpses into your chocolate hair isn’t only chic but very appealing to behold.

Long Brown Layers with Butterscotch Balayage

Long Brown Layers with Butterscotch Balayage #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_hairbyfranco

Flaunt a luxurious cascade of long brown layers accentuated by butterscotch balayage. The butterscotch balayage strategically illuminates the strands, making this style perfect for a new summer look. The brown layers are brought to life thanks to the sun glow of the butterscotch shade giving your hair a perfect summer look.


Black Hair with Warm Brown Balayage

Black Hair with Warm Brown Balayage #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_sheffpavelstylist

Just like how it’s easy to blend black with other colors, the same can be said for brown. Now imagine combining this two versatile colors together! You’ll have a luscious looking locs that can fit into any season and work well with any outfit of your choice!

Choppy Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Choppy Black Hair with Brown Highlights #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_hairbyfranco

If you do decide to opt for a choppy haircut, and at the same time want a subtle hair color, little streaks of brown highlights added to your black hair is quite low key yet beautiful according to our hair experts. The brown streaks not only adds a pop of lightening effect to your hair but also adds depth and dimension in the movement of your locs.

Ash Brown Hair in Medium Length

Ash Brown Hair in Medium Length #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

For a more standout look, ash paired together with your brown hair is subtle yet eye catching! This hair would really look good on any beach outfit and give your face that desired glow under the hot summer sun. You can incorporate the ash tones using the balayage technique or consider a ombré effect starting the roots of your hair with brown tones and ending with ash.


Long Layered Dark Chocolate Hairstyle

Long Layered Dark Chocolate Hairstyle #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

Long layered hair is one of the artistic ways you can embrace the allure of dark chocolate tones. Where there are layers involved in any haircut, there is definitely a sense of movement in that style according to our expert stylists. So if you’re looking to add richness to your hairstyle in a subtle manner, a dark chocolate tone would serve its purpose beautifully.

Black Base with Cinnamon Brown Balayage

Black Base with Cinnamon Brown Balayage #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_hairbyfranco

There are so many ways you can elevate a chocolate based hairstyle and one of them is the addition of cinnamon shades!using the popular balayage technique. This combination creates a stunning contrast, adding warmth and depth. The result is a mesmerizing blend of dark and spicy tones that would make you stand out at any gathering.

Layered Lob with Ginger Ribbons

Layered Lob with Ginger Ribbons #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

For short hairstyles, choosing the right color is as important as choosing the right haircut to suit your facial features. This is because the right color brings out the beauty of your style better than you can imagine as stated by our hairstylists. So when next you get a layered lob, try out ginger ribbon tones just to add a little spice to yo final look.


Shiny Light Brown Balayage with Black Roots

Shiny Light Brown Balayage with Black Roots #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

A dark base might just be the best way to show off your love for highlights and this time around, LH editors recommends a light brown balayage added to your dark roots. Perfect if you already had a dark base hair color and wanted to change your style a little. However if you didn’t have dark roots, your stylists can always adjust your natural hair color to fit into this style!

Brunette Wavy Bob with Bronde Highlights

Brunette Wavy Bob with Bronde Highlights #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_frances_hairartist

For those who love to join the trend when it comes to textured hairstyles, our editors have something innovative for you! A brunette wavy Bob featuring bronze highlights! The waves add a carefree vibe while the bring highlights introduce a mix of lighter and darker shades. This creates a dynamic style that’s both modem and effortlessly chic.

Mermaid Waves in Rich Chocolate

Mermaid Waves in Rich Chocolate #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_nadigerber

Dive into the fantasy of mermaid waves paired with a rich chocolate hue. This style combines the allure of long, flowing waves with the depth of dark chocolate, resulting in a luxurious and enchanting look. If you have a small face, then this voluminous style would pair well for an admirable result. The curls makes your hair appear to have volume and highlights your face best.


Chocolate and Honey Brown Bob

Chocolate and Honey Brown Bob #chocolatebrownhair #chocolatebrown #brownhair
by @instagram_ro.hsiqueira

Who says you can’t have a touch of sweetness added to your haircut? According to our hair experts, your brown Bob can be elated by just choosing the perfect color combination on your hair. This is why we’ve decided to introduce the mixture of chocolate and honey brown to your style. The interplay of these colors gives your hair a luscious, sunlit effect, making it a delight sight to behold.

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