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Explore These Trendy Haircut Styles

There are many varieties of haircut styles. Below you will find a list of these cut styles but keep in mind that each of these main styles have variations. The world of haircut styles for short hair as well as that of medium to long length hair is vast. We hope that with the help of this article you can navigate your way to finding the perfect haircut for yourself. Whether you want to freshen up your short hair or drastically change your length, we are sure you will love our ideas.

  1. Layered haircut styles
  2. Undercut
  3. Bob haircut
  4. Pixie haircut
  5. Pompadour haircut
  6. Mohawk haircut
  7. A-line haircut
  8. Fohawk haircut
  9. Bowl haircut
  10. Side shaved hair
  11. Bob haircut

Some of these hairstyles may sound as if they are men’s cuts. However, that is not the case. All of the haircuts mentioned above are haircut styles for women. Today, men and women alike are wearing similar hairstyles no matter their gender. Women are no longer put off by a hairstyle that traditionally men have worn. Even a mohawk or a pompadour are becoming widely more popular in the women’s hairstyle category. The pixie and the bob have been long-time favorites but are being quickly replaced with the more daring styles.


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