By: | Updated: 06/06/2018

A Silver Hair Color is Quite Daring

A silver hair color is our future, according to Jack Howard – a famous colorist who works at Paul Edmonds, which is one of the poshest salons in London. Having started on the catwalk, the metallic finishes trend then moved to the salons. And today more and more women opt for silver shades when they get a dye job.

And if you have any doubts left, just go to Instagram. The hashtag SilverHair offers a jaw-dropping number of various posts – more than one million.

Considering that the trend continues to gain momentum, we cannot just stand by. That is why we have created a photo gallery featuring the sassiest looks with silver and we will also help you learn how to get and then how to maintain a super-chic silver hair hue. Ready?

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