Really Cute Boys Haircuts For Your Little Men

Boys Haircuts To Treat Your Boy Like A Man

Toy soldiers, plastic cars, video games and other stuff for kids are not enough to make your little man happy, so here come the boys haircuts. As your little man grows up, he wants to feel unique and requires more and more attention. We know, there are no words that can describe the power of your love: your little boy means everything to you. And you understand how satisfying his need of being “the only one” is important. You may feel confused when the list of toys was finished with haircuts but isn’t that significant? He’s still a man, he just has to realize it and you are the person who can help him to do that.


Take your boy to a hairdressing salon, and show him what can be done to his hair. Let him make a choice, it’s very important. Believe it or not, but he will be grateful if you leave this decision up to him. You remember everything: the first steps, the first words. Now there can be another good thing to remember: the formation of your little man’s style. Let’s see how you can make your boy feel special!

Taper Fade Boys Haircuts

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Source: alan_beak via Instagram, meha_barber via Instagram

Fade is good for men of all ages, they say. And they are right! Your boy will love how this smooth transition of hair length gives him a really neat look. Look at these cool haircuts for boys, don’t you think they look awesome? Even though we are used to seeing such hairstyles on grown-up men, don’t forget that our boys will soon become real men! It’s time to add some masculinity to your child’s look, and you know what? You will teach him what confidence is. A haircut that your boy choose will show what kind of person he is, just let him do that! A clean fade cut, a regural taper or mohawk, they all will reveal the hidden sides of your man.


Undercut For Your Little Man

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We haven't enough fingers on which to count all the times we saw men with underucts. And that’s OK, as this haircut is totally stylish. It suits literally every man, so no wonder people opt for this particular cut. If it’s so versatile, why don’t you show it to your man? It’s a nowadays’ trend, so there’s no way he won’t like it. Seems like kids find undercuts to be the funniest boys haircuts. We agree: they look so fresh and alive. Just look at these smiles. They know that they look good, maybe it’s time to take a pic of your little man with his brand new undercut? He will be proud of himself, isn’t that the feeling we all want to get? Of course, you will feel the same when you see your son smiling at his reflection in the mirror.


Textured Haircuts For Boys

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Your boy will be glad to add some movement to his hair. Our lovely kids can tell us more about aesthetics than most people, so listen to your man when choosing a haircut! It’s better to opt for a short haircut, as your active kid needs to feel comfortable wherever he is. The truth is, the best short haircuts for boys always feature textured structure, so both you and your little man will love how it looks. It can be an undercut, a crew cut with fade, or whatever you want! A definite hairline is a key to an immaculate haircut, our little guys deserve all the best.


High Skin Fade

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If you are looking for a truly dare boys haircut, look at these ideas. These haircuts are quite voluminous, yet very clean, so your boy’s eyes are as safe as they can be. As you can see, the hair on sides is cut completely, while the hair on top is relatively long. Your little man can look like his favorite football player, help him to make his little dreams come true. It looks good on any hair type, but curls and high skin fade have always been the best duo. Show this haircut to your curly boy: if he asks you for it, you can be sure that he’s got your good taste!


Long Haircuts For Boys

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Some kids don’t like to go to the hairdresser's because they don’t want to сut their hair short. That’s fine, they just love themselves the way they are. Tell your man that he won’t lose his hair, but get himself a nice style of it. Show him the long haircuts for boys you find to be the most suitable and let him show you what’s to his taste. He may like some long variations of the good old undercut, boys just love it. Once he gets a cool hairstyle, you will never have to ask him to go for his haircut update: he will remind you to take him to the salon.

Trendsetter Fade Haircut

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Imagine the situation: your little boy comes back from school and suddenly says: “Mommy, I want to be cool!”. What would you do? Don’t worry, every man will come up with such desires sooner or later. Your task is to let him change something in his life. A new after-school activity, a new hobby, a new haircut. The word ‘cool’ is the synonym to one of the most popular short haircuts for boys: we are talking about the fade haircut. When your kid says it’s time for a new image, he means it. A fade cut with layered hair on top, or a short fade with faded lines on the sides, there’s so much he can try out.

Classic Crop

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Sometimes we are so blinded by our love that we can’t realize that our kids have grown up. Well, if we can’t, we should find something that will do that for us. Please, don’t underestimate the power of boys haircuts, they reveal the hidden sides of our kids, remember? A classic crop is a classic minimalist haircut that teen boys usually choose. For young boys haircuts are as important as for girls, and if your man said that he wants to get a classic crop, he’s getting older. Classic is chosen only by those who have a good taste, and the older we get the more classic things we own.