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Purple Galaxy Tones

Source: kimberlytayhair via Instagram, guy_tang via Instagram, kimberlytayhair via Instagram

Purple Galaxy Tones Ombre #galaxyhair #ombre

Purple Galaxy Tones Ends #galaxyhair #purplehair
Purple Galaxy Tones Highlights #galaxyhair #purplehair #highlights

It’s no secret that blue and purple shades have taken the fashion world with their deepness and richness. And the best thing about your galaxy hair is that you are the only one to decide what colors to choose and how to blend them. If you lose your mind when you look at blue and purple shades, why don’t pull them off? It can be a rough ombre with a color line at the mid-shaft, a blue look with purple ends, or vertical lowlights: what would you choose?

Main photo by Guy_tang