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Bob With Center Parted Bangs

Center Parted Bang Bob #bob #bangs

Bangs that are of the same length as your haircut is another idea to create a harmonic, lively look. In fact, when getting such a fringe, you provide yourself with some more room for face-framing styling. You can also ask your hairstylist to run her or his scissors through the ends of the bangs, making them lighter. In this way, the flattering hair detail will blend evenly with the rest of your hair, creating an organic and presentable look.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Textured Pixie With Side Styling Fringe

Textured Pixie With Side Styling Fringe #pixie #bangs

If you notice your hair start getting thinner, make sure to get a haircut that will wash away this unpleasant weak look! And this pixie can be the cut you are looking for. First of all, it’s spiced up with a volumetric and distinctive texture that makes the cut look dimensional and full. Secondly, such a short, side-swept silhouette is nothing but a perfect option for statement-makers.

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Voluminous And Wavy Bowl Haircut

Voluminous Wavy Short Bob #bob #bangs

While some ladies tend to stay away from bowl cuts for some reason, you can show up with a totally different and face-flattering look. A bowl haircut is back in town and has brought lots of modern variations that have nothing to do with the tasteless stereotype about the cut. This pic is proof! A wavy texture makes the bowl appear very youthful and fun while the fringe portion deals with a broad forehead. Also, it’s a good idea for those with thick hair.

Source: advancedstyle via Instagram

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