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Updo With Flowered Twists

Updo With Flowered Twists #updo

Who needs buying flowers if you can always create your own unique bouquet with your hair? This idea is an amazing decision for girls with bob or lob haircuts who dream of pulling off a special updo. You won’t regret making time for those lovely flower-inspired twists, that’s for sure.
Source: samirasjewelry via Instagram

Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo #updo

Twisted updos, whatever they are, are meant to reveal the girly side of a woman. And this updo seems to offer something more than just feminine vibes. This refined, exquisite twist, embellished with a tiny accessory, will tell people one more thing about you. Of course, we’re talking about your exceptional sense of style.
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Lateral Hairstyle With Crown Braid

Lateral Hairstyle With Crown Braid #braids

Sometimes focusing on texture is million times better than going for a super complicated hairstyle. This idea is here to help us be more exact. As you can see, the style is nothing but a simple twist and braid wrapped together. But the way the chevelure has been textured is worth the world’s compliments.
Source: braids_for_my_hair via Instagram

Main photo by Ufkappadelta