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What Is Keratin Treatment?

What Is Keratin Treatment? #keratintreatment

Before getting into details, let’s figure out the number-one question bothering many ladies – “what is keratin treatment?”. First off, it’s a smoothing treatment meant to eliminate frizz and make hair straight and shiny. This treatment splits into lots of versions, many of which are customized and formulated by stylists based on clients’ needs. Basically, the treatment injects the porous areas of the hair with keratin, diving deeply into the follicle.

Keratin is a key hair protein that promotes hair health, strength, and smoothness. That’s why most hair care products and treatments are based on it.

Is it possible to do keratin treatment on colored hair?
Sure! In contrast to chemical relaxers (more on that later), you can do the treatment with your colored hair and expect no damage. Moreover, it will make your color appear more pleasant.

There’s no risk of damage for color-treated hair. Furthermore, keratin treatment can enhance the color.

Who shouldn’t do it?
Women should avoid the treatment during pregnancy.

How long does it take?
It depends on the texture and length of your hair. In general, the process may take from two to four hours.

How long does it last?
The smooth and shiny results can last for up to six months.

How much does it cost?
The keratin treatment cost depends on the length and condition of your hair and the price can range from 200$ to 500$.

The process of a keratin treatment:

  1. A hairstylist starts by washing your hair.
  2. Then, depending on your needs, he or she will apply the treatment to your wet hair and let each strand soak the formula, or blow dry your hair and then apply the treatment.
  3. When doing keratin treatment for curly hair, stylists usually give some passes with a flat iron to ensure that the coarse strands are tamed.

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Is It Different From Chemical Relaxers?

Is It Different from Chemical Relaxers? #keratintreatment

Keratin hair treatment has nothing to do with chemical relaxers. While the effect of the former is temporary, the latter gives permanent results. Also, these two have totally different compositions.

Containing such ingredients as lithium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, sodium hydroxide potassium hydroxide, relaxers affect the structure of curly patterns, making the hair weaker and hence straighter. As for keratin smoothing treatment, instead of changing the composition of the hair, it makes it smoother by injecting proteins into the follicles.
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Can I Do It at Home?

Can I Do It at Home? #keratintreatment

It’s possible, but the results will differ from the desired salon effect. So as not to be deceived by commercial names of mass-market products, pay attention to the ingredients’ lists. Remember: not all products that contain the word “keratin” are actual keratin treatments. In most cases, such products are silicone-based smoothers.
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