Are you looking for hairstyles for medium hair? Try balayage. Balayage hair is all the rage. You can play around with colors till you find the one that works for you. While ombre hair might work for those who want a bold, daring look, balayage is a more sophisticated and subtle way of adding some color and versatility to your hair (Check more about Balayage vs Ombre).


Whether you go to a salon for blowout hair or style at home, there are a great many ways to add some sexy balayage tones to medium hairstyles. Balayage works great for all lengths, but looks especially hot on elegant hairstyles for medium hair.

If you are nervous about going too drastic, start with a subtle balayage. As you become more daring, you can play around with different colors for an edgier look.

Choppy Layers with Dark Brown Balayage Tones

There are a lot of sexy balayage hairstyles for medium hair. This bold and choppy cut is stylish with its dramatic darker roots and much lighter tips. Start with a dark cooler and graze the ends with light blonde. This works great with a medium length layered cut and you can add a texturizing product for great volume and movement. Add some loose curls for a sexy vibe.


Shiny, Subtle Balayage

This style looks great on a medium angled bob with shorter layers in the back and longer layers that softly frame the face. Start with deep chestnut brown at the roots and add toffee brown to the ends for a glossy but subtle fade of a sexy balayage. Curl the ends and add a volumizer to add fullness to this adorable cut.

Subtle Waves with Auburn Balayage Tones

This cut looks great on those with naturally wavy hair who want a carefree, wild look. Reddish brown tones mixed with a chocolaty brown are sophisticated. But if you throw in some sexy caramel balayage highlights, you can make this style look chic and playful. Dry your hair with a diffuser or air dry, scrunching your waves and shake it loose for a tousled, innocent look.


Sun-Kissed, Sexy Balayage


For a sultry summer look, this sun-kissed balayage is super sexy. It looks great with wavy hair or hair that has been freshly curled. The lowlights will make the natural brown hair pop, while the lighter and darker highlights add a soft sun-kissed look. These colors blend together perfectly to add more depth to your hair.

Add a volumizing product and lightly blow dry for more volume and movement.

Delicate Balayage Tones for Medium Hair


This shoulder-length cut works great with this sexy mix of balayage tones. With dark blonde at the tips, pale blonde sprinkled throughout and subtle brown framing the face, this look is chic and feminine. You can sport this adorable cut with either straight sleek hair or sexy waves.


Caramelicious Color


Brunettes can play up with these subtle caramel tones by adding some sexy waves with hot rollers or a thick barreled curling iron. Gorgeous flowing waves will make these caramel balayage tones look like silky ribbons of the real caramel. Add some volumizing mousse and some shine serum to make your hair look glossy and full!

Subtle Blonde Balayage


If you want to kick up your medium style hair, add some long layers and loose curls to rock these sexy blonde highlights. A dark or warm brown base with some subtle hints of blonde balayage will add some pop to otherwise dull hair. Add a shine serum for extra shine and some texture spray for some lift. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, let it air dry and finger brush your curls. If you have straighter hair, add some sexy waves with a large barreled curling iron.

Medium Length Layered Lob with Blonde Balayage


For a bold new look for your medium hair, try a long, layered lob. It will add a great deal of dimension and texture to your hair. Sexy, bed head curls will make the blonde balayage pop on a dark brown or brunette color. For a bold look, add blonde balayage to deep auburn. To get those sexy bed head curls, let your naturally curly or wavy hair air dry and scrunch often as it dries. If your hair is straight, add some wild curls with a medium curling iron, run your fingers through your hair to separate and shake it loose for that carefree sexy look and feel.


Cinnamon Curls


Who says you always have to go blonde? A subtle hint of cinnamon can be just as sexy and seductive. With this sexy style, you can opt for thicker stripes of a warm cinnamon to your brunette roots. Add some sexy curls with a large barreled curling iron and pin up in a sexy updo to knock ‘em dead when you enter a room.

Silver and Blonde Balayage


This medium length cut with silver and blonde balayage is super sexy. The subtle gray tones make the platinum blonde streaks pop. Silver streaks are all the rage. You can sport this style with poker straight, sleek hair or luscious curls.

Golden Patches on a Dark Base


These adorably-looking locks are the result of a color melting technique. Here golden tones were used to paint subtle patches on dark hair. The roots are kept dark so that we get a simple yet elegant color design.


Blonde Balayage on Braids


Braids are one of the best options to sport this beautiful blonde balayage. The twisted hair makes the dark base shade become visible. This interesting effect is difficult to achieve with the help of other hairstyles.

Light Caramel Tone with Peachy Shades

Not sure how to pull off balayage on medium brown hair so that it looks natural yet bold? Go for a light caramel balayage brown hair medium length combo and incorporate peachy hues into it. This hair color style looks fabulous on any hair texture. So, no matter whether you have straight or curly locks, you can rest assured that they will look breathtaking.

Pastel Violet Vibes for Medium Hair Balayage


To make your balayage on medium length hair stand out in the crowd, opt for a really unique and unusual color, such as pastel violet. Delicate and feminine, it looks wonderful on absolutely anyone regardless of your hair type and skin tone. This is also a great option for those who already have blonde balayage on medium brown hair and want to take it up a notch. You will just need to apply the dye to your light strands and you are good to go.


Pinky Balayage Style for Medium Hair


You can never go wrong with a hot pink medium length balayage hair style, especially if you like being the center of attention. Yet, in case you naturally have dark locks, you may need to bleach your strands first for the ultimate color payoff. And do not forget to refresh the shade every now and then to keep the color clean and bright. For this medium length balayage straight hair works as perfectly as wavy and curly.

Shoulder Length Dark Root Balayage

Shoulder Length Dark Root Balayage #mediumhairbalayage #balayagehairstyles #mediumhair #balayage
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Caramel Mocha Balayage

Caramel Mocha Balayage #mediumhairbalayage #balayagehairstyles #mediumhair #balayage
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Soft Brunette Balayage

Soft Brunette Balayage #mediumhairbalayage #balayagehairstyles #mediumhair #balayage
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Auburn Balayage on Dark Hair

Caramel Balayage with Bleached Ends


Wavy Lob with Balayage

Bronde Balayage with Money Pieces

Bronze Partial Balayage

Bronze Partial Balayage #mediumhairbalayage #balayagehairstyles #mediumhair #balayage
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Ash Brown Hair Balayage

Ash Brown Hair Balayage #mediumhairbalayage #balayagehairstyles #mediumhair #balayage
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Black Hair with Dark Violet Balayage

Black Hair with Dark Violet Balayage #mediumhairbalayage #balayagehairstyles #mediumhair #balayage
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Shiny Honey Balayage

Shiny Honey Balayage #mediumhairbalayage #balayagehairstyles #mediumhair #balayage
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Partial Caramel Highlights for Brunettes

Partial Caramel Highlights for Brunettes #mediumhairbalayage #balayagehairstyles #mediumhair #balayage
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FAQ: Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Which haircut is best for medium hair?

Long bobs, wavy hair, pin-straight cuts and messy styles are among the best medium hairstyle options. Bangs can make you look years younger, and layers can lighten thick hair while adding weight to fine hair. A medium-length haircut can be styled in a variety of ways.

Should fine thin hair be layered or one length?

A one-length bob above the shoulders or shorter is the optimal length for fine hair, because
only a light layering or a few layers can be supported by thin hair. The longer the hair is, the less probable it is to keep a form with medium thickness hair. As a result, the shorter you go, the more defined your hair form becomes.

What haircut makes hair look thicker?

To create volume, request a haircut with a distinct shape and sharper lines.
Layered and textured waves make your hair appear wider, giving the impression that you have more hair than you actually have. Request that your hairstylist layer your hair to add volume to your strands.

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