Short grey hair looks especially chic and bold, and you can show it off whether you are 20 or 60. There are so many ways how you can wear it in 2024, and we have picked only the coolest.


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Expert about Short Grey Hair Trends
Olga Markuse
Expertise: Hairstyles and haircuts
I love the gray hair trend, just as I love everything natural and effortless. Speaking of what, you do need to put a certain amount of effort into your gray hair looking edgy and modern. A good trendy haircut is key, however, if you prefer keeping your hair long, make sure it’s in the best possible condition. Gray hair is a bold statement, and it must look perfectly polished and looked after to declare that it is an intentional choice.

Straight Pixie-Bob With Grey Highlights

Straight Pixie-Bob With Grey Highlights #shortgreyhair #shorthaircuts #greycolor #pixiebob #straighthair
by @andrewdoeshair

That short pixie-bob combined with silver highlights is exactly the cut to stand out in the crowd no matter where you are headed. What is more, such a cut will suit all the events you are headed to from the official meeting to the informal party.


Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @edouardclipperhand

For a more carefree vibe, the textured pixie gray hair is perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish look. When asked how to style a hair, hairstylist Edouard Martin says,

"To bring the best out of a haircut you need to style it properly and to be creative about it. I always like to apply some paste on damp hair, dry it with the help of a flat brush for more control. Once dry I'll apply another texturizing product and often finish with some hairspray."

Mohawk With Shaved Stripe

Mohawk With Shaved Stripe #shortgreyhair #shorthaircuts #greycolor #mohawk
by @hairgod_zito

There are so many ways that you can experiment with grey short hair. If you are looking for something to be noticed anywhere you go then Mohawk was simply created for you. Those of you who are ready to go as far as it takes to look unforgettable will surely appreciate the shaved sides addition.


Burgundy To Grey Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Burgundy To Grey Ombre Bob Hairstyle #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @isaac4mayor

Short grey ombre hair is genuinely not the limit when you wish to look like no one else. What do you think of burgundy? We dare to suggest that the mixture of bright burgundy to silver transition is just marvelous.

Asymmetrical Straight Pixie

Asymmetrical Straight Pixie

If you are looking for a short haircut but are afraid that your mane is just too voluminous to pull something like that off, we are going to tell you that everything is possible. The thing is that asymmetrical pixie is that one cut that will take away the unnecessary volume and will grant you the stylish look you have been looking for.


Side Parted Wavy Bob

Side Parted Wavy Bob
by @isaac4mayor

We think that there is no better way to add a youthful touch to your look rather than to add some light curls to your silver mane. If you have a naturally curly hair type that will make things better since all you need to do to look perfect is to work some hair product in your hair.

Messy Grey Long Pixie

Messy Grey Long Pixie
by @hairgod_zito

That long messy pixie is a perfect cut for those who like to wear their hair differently daily. With such a cut, you can pull off dozens of styling options so that you will not get bored of it, that is for sure. One more thing, the shade of grey should fit into your personality as well, that is why you better choose wisely!

Side Parted A-line Bob Haircut

Side Parted A line Bob Haircut #shortgreyhair #shorthaircuts #greycolor #bobhairstyle
by @richardatkuthaus

Among short hairstyles for grey hair, it is essential to choose the one that will suit your lifestyle too. And the truth is that A-line bob is one of those universal cuts that fit in all ages, textures, and tastes for that matter.


Long Layered Pixie

Layered Pixie With Undercut #stackedbob #bobhaircut #bobhairstyles
by @shorthairexclusive

Very often, it is easy to assume that grey ombre short hair is somehow limited in the number of looks to try out. The addition of layers can take away the unnecessary volume as well as to introduce some of it; it certainly will depend on your preferences.

Short To Medium Sleek Straight Bob

Short To Medium Sleek Straight Bob #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @isaac4mayor

Isaac Roberts, a professional colorist and the stylist of this cut has spoken about how light hair, such as short gray hairstyles, requires more care. In his words:

“This requires much maintenance…hair mask, leave-in, thermal protection cream, and some sort of toning shampoo or conditioner. Please be aware, if you don't take care, you'll lose your hair!”

Short Wavy Pixie

Short Wavy Pixie #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @sergeyshapochka

There are short grey hair over 60 ideas that can be easily pulled off even when you are a lot younger than that after all, age is only a number. A short wavy or curly pixie is not only super stylish, but it is also incredibly comfortable. What is more, dark steel color grants this cut, additional charm.


Side Parted Straight Short Bob

Side Parted Straight Short Bob

Short grey hair in 2024 can be extraordinarily bright as well, all you need to do is to pick up the corresponding hue. This silver color is so light and beautiful that it is difficult to take the eyes off, what is more, when it is paired with such a sassy short bob the combo is indeed a killer one.

Layered Wavy Short Bob

Layered Wavy Short Bob #shortgreyhair #shorthaircuts #greycolor #bobhairstyle #wavyhair
by @richardatkuthaus

When it comes to fine hair, there is a particular limitation of hairstyles to pull off due to the texture. However, when it comes to a layered bob, you can rest assured that even thin, fine hair will look good with it. The fact is that layers add that missing volume to your mane and that is undoubtedly a good thing.

Voluminous Bob For Older Women

Voluminous Bob For Older Women #shortgreyhair #shorthaircuts #greycolor #bobhairstyle
by @camp_odom

As time passes, that great volume you had when you were younger may start to fade, and you need to deal with it somehow. That is why voluminous bobs are such a great option for older women.


Short Messy Pixie For Women Over 50

Short Messy Pixie For Woman Over 50 #shortgreyhair #shorthaircuts #greycolor #pixiehairstyle
by @shorthairexclusive

Short messy pixie may be an ideal option for those of you who do not wish to waste too much time on styling. With such a cut all that you need to do is to work some hair product in your hair and add some more messiness to the look. That is about it!

Curly Grey Bob

Curly Grey Bob #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @isaac4mayor

Sometimes it is considered that longer hair does not fit all ages, we think otherwise. The one thing you need to know is what to fit in with your hair texture perfectly. For example, tight natural curls will look great on you no matter the age if you keep them cut in a classic bob way.

Here's a Tip: Your hair needs to be healthy to look gorgeous. That is why make sure that you keep your hair well-moisturized all the time.

Dark-to-Light Grey Hair Color Ideas

Grey Hair Color Ideas #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @isaac4mayor

When considering hair colors, pick some shades that will flatter your facial features and personality in general. Getting your hair dyed in one color only is so in the past. Try ombre or highlights and you will never regret it!


Cute Short Grey Hairstyles

Cute Short Grey Hairstyles #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @minhwaleehair

Dark blonde hair is probably the best base color for getting your hair dyed in grayish shades. Thus, you won’t have to bleach it one more time and, consequently, harm it even more.

Grey Long Bob Hair

Grey Long Bob Hair #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @thehairygodmotherr

This grey long bob features a smooth transition from dark roots to lighter ends, offering a chic and trendy ombre effect. The sleek, straight cut is versatile for all hair types and particularly flattering for oval and round face shapes.

Styling Tip: Experts suggest a heat protectant and flat iron for a glossy finish, keeping this stylish 'lob' current and easy to manage.

Short Grey Haircut with Deep Thick Bangs

Stylish Short Grey Haircuts #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @sergeyshapochka

Crafted by Serhiy Shapochka, a hairdresser with over 10 years of experience, this short grey haircut showcases deep, thick bangs for a bold, modern look. The sleek style and silver-tone make a striking statement, suitable for those with fine to medium hair.

Styling Tip: To maintain the sharp silhouette, experts recommend a light pomade for texture and a regular trim to keep the bangs precise.


Blunt Grey Bob

Beautiful Grey Hairstyles #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @minhwaleehair

This blunt grey bob features a striking contrast with dark roots and a precise, clean-cut edge. Ideal for straight hair, the style exudes sophistication and maintains its shape with minimal effort.

Styling Tip: Use a shine serum and straightener to enhance the sleek, modern look.

Short Bowl Cut with High Fade

Amazing Silver Color Ideas #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @edouardclipperhand

Edouard Martin's interpretation of the short bowl cut introduces a high fade to silver tones for a striking look. Suitable for fine to medium hair, it's a low-maintenance yet bold choice.

Asymmetrical Bangs for Pixie

Asymmetrical Bangs for Pixie #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @edouardclipperhand

This cut by Edouard Martin introduces us to another option of pixie hairstyles for gray hair. Amp up the drama with asymmetrical bangs, creating a bold and contemporary statement. This style draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones while maintaining a sense of elegance and individuality. Consider keeping one side slightly longer for a more dynamic and edgy appearance.


Wavy Bob with Blonde Highlights

Wavy Bob with Blonde Highlights #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @olga.lebedinskaya

Go for a touch of playfulness and charm through this cut, shaped, and styled by Olga Lebedinskaia, a short hair expert from Barcelona. Waves add a soft and feminine touch to the classic bob, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and casual charm. One styling tip from our editors is to opt for strategic placement of blonde highlights to frame the face and accentuate the waves.

Side Part Bob with Undercut

Side Part Bob with Undercut #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @minhwaleehair

Those who love a fashion-forward style incorporating shades of gray should consider this side-part bob with an undercut styled by Minhwa Lee. Experiment with different side-part placements to find the one that complements your facial features. The undercut provides an element of surprise and adds an extra layer of coolness to the overall style.

Grey Hair with Dark Ends

Grey Hair with Dark Ends #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @shorthairexclusive

Those who wish to add depth to their hairstyle can pair gray roots together with dark ends in their haircut. The contrast created in this style by stylist Julie Facer is not only trendy but also showcases your adventurous side. Regular trims are essential to keep the ends looking sharp and polished.


Grey Hair with Ice-Blonde Ombre

Grey Hair with Ice-Blonde Ombre #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @valeria_haircolor

If you’re looking to get a new winter look, don’t hesitate to create a mesmerizing transition from cool grey to icy blonde tones with this ombre gray lob. Ensure regular deep conditioning to maintain the health and shine of the colored strands.

Natural Grey Hair Color

Natural Grey Hair Color #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @apostoldiana

Embrace the beauty of naturally grey hair, celebrating the elegance that comes with embracing a color that seems like your authentic self. Maintain a healthy and well-groomed appearance by using products specifically designed for grey hair. Consider adding subtle layers or a soft texture to enhance the natural movement of your grey locks.

Peek-A-Boo Short Grey Hair

Peek-A-Boo Short Grey Hair #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @sergeyshapochka

Add an element of surprise to your short grey hairstyle by incorporating peek-a-boo highlights or lowlights. Strategically placed pops of color can create a playful and dynamic effect, adding interest to the overall look.


Mohawk Haircut for Grey Hair

Mohawk Haircut for Grey Hair #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @shrunknheads

Even with a gray hair color, you can still get the best haircut depending on your mood and personal preference. A mohawk haircut pairs well with gray shades creating a fierce and avant-garde style.

Styling Tip: Use a strong-hold styling product to maintain the height and structure of the mohawk.

Brush Up Pixie

Brush Up Pixie #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @havalava

The texture is key in this pepper curls style. Enhance the overall look by adding texture and volume to the top, giving it a modern and stylish appearance. Soft, tapered sideburns can add a touch of femininity to balance the edginess of the brush-up style.

Spiky Pixie Short Hairstyles

Spiky Pixie Short Hairstyles #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @shorthairexclusive

Embrace the spikiness of this short gray hair by using a styling product for a bold and playful edge, perfect for those who love a dynamic and energetic vibe. Opt for varied lengths in the spikes for a more natural and textured feel.


Slicked Back Short Grey Hair

Slicked Back Short Grey Hair #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @wessharpton

If you want your facial features to be the center of attention, then a slicked-back short grey hair effortlessly allows you to achieve that.

Styling Tip: Use a high-quality hair gel to keep the hair in place and add a glossy finish for that polished appearance.

Mullet with Shaper Fade

Mullet with Shaper Fade #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @edouardclipperhand

Stylist Edouard Martin has updated the usual traditional mullet you’re familiar with with a shaper fade. This salt and pepper style featuring black and gray tones gives your hair depth and dimension thanks to the dark roots. Keep the lines of the fade sharp and well-defined for a clean and polished aesthetic.

Pixie with Long Side Bang

Pixie with Long Side Bang #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @shorthairexclusive

Despite the pixie cut having a feminine flair, long side bangs soften the cut, elevating the touch of femininity and versatility to the overall look. Incorporate layers into the side bangs to create movement and frame the face beautifully.


Faux Hawk for Short Hair

Faux Hawk for Short Hair #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @deborah__darling

No doubt the hairstyle options for short hair are limitless and those who love extraordinary styles should be ready to embrace this faux hawk cut.

Styling Tip: Use only a strong hold styling product to maintain the height and structure of the faux hawk throughout the day.

Black Hair with Grey Highlights

Black Hair with Grey Highlights #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @mila_kryshchykhina

If you love salt and pepper curls, this short cut combining black and grey highlights is not only lowkey but satisfying. You can customize the intensity of the grey tones by asking your stylist for a few placed streaks if you want something subtle or better still, be more dramatic and go all out!

Asymmetrical Pixie with Highlights

Asymmetrical Pixie with Highlights #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @shorthair.losangeles

Those with thin hair who love short hairstyles should embrace the asymmetrical pixie cut to add texture and movement to their style. Choose between your left or right side on which way your hair should fall and don’t forget to pair this low-maintenance style with lovely accessories of your choice.


Grey Hair with Blue Highlights

Grey Hair with Blue Highlights #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @thehairygodmotherr

The cool tones of grey and blue are a fresh combination you don’t get to see so often. Your stylist can opt for the balayage technique to blend the blue highlights with your grey hair for a stylish aesthetic.

Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @minhwaleehair

The bowl cut is making a comeback with a modern twist. Opt for soft, blended edges and subtle layering for a contemporary look. Pair the bowl cut with bold accessories to enhance its fashion-forward appeal.

Short Grey Haircut with Rainbow Highlights

Short Grey Haircut with Rainbow Highlights #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @olga.lebedinskaya

Whether it’s a new summer look you’re going for or you see the need to change your usual style through the addition of colors, this short gray haircut with highlights will make your day! Strategically place the rainbow highlights to complement the natural flow and texture of the hairstyle.


Grey Hair with Dark Roots

Grey Hair with Dark Roots #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @off7thsalon

When talking about a low-maintenance style, this gray hair with dark roots creates a seamless and natural transition between the two tones. Even when the grey tones begin to slowly fade away, your style still maintains its touch of edginess before your next salon visit.

Grey Hair with Lavender Face Framing

Grey Hair with Lavender Face Framing #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @jade__ly

Frame your face with lavender highlights to add a subtle pop of color that complements the silver hair beautifully. This is a simple way to make a little difference in your style without going all out. What’s more, this style highlights facial features and enhances the overall face shape.

Long Pixie with Highlights

Long Pixie with Highlights #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @thehairygodmotherr

Stylist Amanda Lyberger from LA with 10 years of experience in the beauty industry has been able to create a chic and elongated silhouette that is modern with this long pixie style. Strike a balance between the length and the highlights to achieve a harmonious and flattering look.


Spiky Grey Pixie with Violet Accents

Spiky Grey Pixie with Violet Accents #shortgreyhair #shorthairstyles #greyhairstyles
by @headrushdesigns

Julie Facer, a hairstylist and educator well known for teaching stylists how to do short cuts has added the spiky grey pixie with violet accents to the list of available options.

Styling Tip: To emphasize the spiky texture by using a strong-hold styling product, allowing the violet accents to pop against the grey backdrop.

Grey Hair: FAQ

What is color blending for gray hair?

Color blending is a low-fuss technique that modern colorists use to work on the tones in gray hair. It’s basically meant to add some soft highlights to give the gray hair a more natural and dimensional look.

Can you color gray hair gray?

If your hair has naturally gone gray and you want it to give a fresher and trendier grayish tone, you’re free to do that. But it’s better to do it in a salon – painting the hair gray is a tedious process.

How can I go gray without looking old?

Some root coverage with a darker or, on the contrary, lighter pastel tone, as well as various silver highlights or salt-and-pepper lowlights will help you stay on point while going gray.

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