There are lots of cute hairstyles for girls that we are sure you are still unaware of. That is why we decided to present you some fresh and trendy hairstyles for your little princess, as even a little girl is a lady and has to look fashionable no matter what.


And if you want to disagree with that, just remember how you left your high heels where your daughter could reach them. That was miraculous balancing but your little girl managed not only to put them on but also to walk in them. Yes! She is already a fashionista and wants her hair to look more extravagant, bright, and interesting. And she wants that even though she might not say it out loud. It's like an instinct.

So, come on, lazy bones, amp up your creativity and go practice some of these adorable looks. Do not forget to make a dive into a shop and buy the prettiest, brightest, and quality hair accessories for your little Belle. And we guarantee that your cutie will stand out on the playground. We hope you enjoy this article and find something new and useful for yourself. Enjoy!

Cute Double Buns

Source: Toddlerhairideas via Instagram, Braids_in_action via Instagram, Braids_in_action via Instagram

Among easy hairstyles for teenage girls we would like to mention double buns. If that is too simple for you, you can always go for an upgrade, let’s say, a Dutch braids into buns transition. Not so difficult to pull off but extremely cute-looking!


Fabulous Crown Braids

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A crown braid hairstyle belongs to cute hairstyles, there is no doubt about that. To go over the top, make the crown braid as voluminous as possible and add some flowers in. The angel-like effect is granted!

Bright and Fun Pigtails

Source: Toddlerhairideas via Instagram, Sweethearts_hair via Instagram

Pigtails are fun and cute hairstyles for girls but sometimes they seem to be boring or unfit for the special occasion. That is where the fancy, braided pigtail ‘do comes in. To finish this beauty, add up some bright ribbons. Done!


Adorable Dutch Braids

Source: Toddlerhairideas via Instagram, Sweethearts_hair via Instagram

Sometimes dealing with thick hair may be not easy. But if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, then there is nothing that would ever scare you. One of those tricks is a simple but elegant Dutch braid style. Isn’t it adorable?

Half-Up Half-Down Hairdo

Source: Simplystranded via Instagram

Being a parent of a little princess makes you master a lot, especially when it comes to the little beauty’s locks. That is why this braided half-up half-down ‘do will come to rescue when you run out of options.


Pretty Wavy Locks

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There are times when it is best to leave your child’s hair alone, especially if it is long. Do not braid it into intricate hairdos, just add up some cascading curls. And if that is not enough for you, complete the look with a charming white bow.

Fancy Braided Updo

Source: Mandasbraids via Instagram, Simplystranded via Instagram, Brownhairedbliss via Instagram

When you have a lot of time, why not come up with some fancy braided updo for your baby girl? In fact, it is a lot easier than it looks. Just trail the braid from the top side of the head and make it cascade into the twisted bun. Right, that is it!

Fishtails for Your Baby Girl

Source: Brownhairedbliss via Instagram, Toddlerhairideas via Instagram, Mandasbraids via Instagram

Fishtails are popular not only among grown up ladies, little girls love them, too. All that is required from you is to combine two side braids into one stunning fishtail. And then finish it with a fascinating huge colorful bow!


Perfect Ponytail Hairstyles

Source: Toddlerhairideas via Instagram, Toddlerhairideas via Instagram, Flettemamma via Instagram

Ponytails are perfect for everyday life. But what to do if there is an important event awaiting ahead? The answer is simple: go for the upgraded version of a regular pony. Create the star pattern with the help of hairbands transforming into a side ponytail. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Fantastic Cornrow Styles

Source: Prettylittlebraids via Instagram, Sweethearts_hair via Instagram, Prettylittlebraids via Instagram

Who doesn’t like a cornrow style? We suppose that everyone does, especially children. Besides, once you learn how to do it, there will be no coming back. You will go even further and improve your skills so that this twisted cornrow pattern is anything but difficult for you to replicate!

Now it is time to enjoy doing any of these cute hairstyles for girls and trying something new!

FAQ: Cute Hairstyles For Girls

What is a cute hairstyle for school?

  • Low Ponytail.
  • Braided Ponytail.
  • Twisted Bun.
  • Smooth Ponytail.
  • Messy Bun.
  • Side French Braids.
  • Double French Braids.

How can I look beautiful in school?

If you decide to wear makeup to school, you should go for a simple and natural look.
To level out your skin tone, wash your face and apply a light foundation all over. Heavy cakey foundations may wrinkle and crease during the day, so it’s better to avoid them.