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Layered Bob Hairstyles That Experience Popularity

It doesn’t matter what era you grew up in, something changes but something is constant. The hair cut we will talk about now is constant. It seems you have tried the bob hair cut at least one time. If not, then you didn’t take the leap into the hairstyle that is popular all over the world. Since it has different variations of styles and lengths, there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your face shape or hair texture is, there is a bob for everyone. All you need is to choose whether to chop their hair for a more stylish look or not. A bob is easy to maintain and take care of and, moreover, it suits people of every age.

Bob haircuts surfaced circa 1915 when ballroom dancer Irene Castle dared to cut off her hair because longer tresses inconvenienced her. Since then, the bob became a raging hair phenomenon that roared its way in the 20s and never looked back. From Madonna in the 80s to Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel cut,’ the bob has always been a part of every celebrity’s and girl-next-door’s life.

If you think that you are ready to take the leap from your current hairstyle to that of a bob or if you had one in the past and want to resurrect that look for yourself again, here are 18 different styles to choose from according to your face and hair texture:

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