Layered Bob Hairstyles For All Hair Types

Layered Bob Hairstyles That Experience Popularity

It doesn’t matter what era you grew up in, something changes but something is constant. The hair cut we will talk about now is constant. It seems you have tried the bob hair cut at least one time. If not, then you didn’t take the leap into the hairstyle that is popular all over the world. Since it has different variations of styles and lengths, there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your face shape or hair texture is, there is a bob for everyone. All you need is to choose whether to chop their hair for a more stylish look or not. A bob is easy to maintain and take care of and, moreover, it suits people of every age.


Bob haircuts surfaced circa 1915 when ballroom dancer Irene Castle dared to cut off her hair because longer tresses inconvenienced her. Since then, the bob became a raging hair phenomenon that roared its way in the 20s and never looked back. From Madonna in the 80s to Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel cut,’ the bob has always been a part of every celebrity’s and girl-next-door’s life.

If you think that you are ready to take the leap from your current hairstyle to that of a bob or if you had one in the past and want to resurrect that look for yourself again, here are 24 different styles to choose from according to your face and hair texture:

Straight Layered Short Bob

A straight layered short bob is perfect for those who are looking to add more definition to their face. It is perfect for every face shape and doesn’t push the hair too forward or backward. It gives you the stylishness of a boho-chic person but with effortlessness because the hair just naturally falls without being all over the place. Take the look up a few notches by getting layered bob with bangs. It is quite reminiscent of a Cleopatra-esqe look and is sure to be a head turner.

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How To Style A Bob:

Apply a smoothing hair product to even out the texture, make a side parting and blow dry as normal. When it comes to coloring, a chestnut blonde or auburn balayage is all the rage these days.


Straight Layered Lob

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If styled and graduated right, straight hair looks spectacular and dynamic with its sharp and perfectly straight silhouette. However, it often happens that straight textures fall flat even before the end of the day. And the truth is that straight hair is one of the most demanding hair types that requires a special approach. Luckily for you, all you need to get the most of your straight locks, no matter how long or short they are, is to get them layered. Soft, lightweight layers will not only provide the extra lift that will keep the full shape all day long but they will also spice up the texture with an edgy finish.


Wavy Layered Bob

If you have wavy hair then you are lucky because this type of hair can pull off a bob gorgeously as it adds so much personality to the face an you don’t need to use much product to give yourself volume and it gives off an effortlessly chic vibe about you. Bob hairstyles with a fringe are quite popular but if you don’t want to cut your locks in the front and find it to be risky then just create a look by using bobby pins and part it midway to the side to give the illusion of a fringe. Alternately, you can also get a bob with bangs weave and rock the look everywhere you go.

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How To Style A Wavy Hair Bob:

Get a texturing gel that would get a firm hold on the hair so that it isn’t overly tousled. Blow out your hair on medium heat. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair and want to create a wavy look then after applying the texturing gel, use a curling iron to create loose and wavy curls at the end.


Curly Layered Bob

If you have naturally curly hair then a layered bob is right up your alley as it creates an edgy look and also doesn’t weigh your hair down. It works best for people with round, square and oval faces and the hair usually end at the chin. A curly bob is a fun style for anyone trying to stay away from the boring old long locks. Curly hair is easier to maintain if women take short to medium bob layered hairstyles work best for them. From a short cropped to a messy curl fest, a curly bob never fails to look impressive.

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How To Style A Curly Bob:

Just rock your natural curls and use an anti-frizz spray evenly throughout your hair. Avoid using any styling iron and blow-dry your hair on medium to high heat.


Layered Bob For Thin Hair

When it comes to haircuts for thin hair, a bob is the first thing recommended for hairstylists because it adds just the right amount of volume without making the hair look limp. The best part is that you can experiment with almost all kinds of bobs from the shortest pixie style to a medium layered. It is preferred to cut your hair in layers though and not cut the hair on the crown so that it looks more pushed forward.

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How To Style:

If you are opting for a layered bob for thin hair, then always use a volumizing shampoo and if you are heading out then lock in the plumpness by using a volumizing mousse before blow drying your hair.

To add more depth to your hair dimension to your face, opt for coppery, auburn or ash blonde tones as highlights.

Layered Bob For Thick Hair

When it comes to thick hair, hairstylists usually try to deter you from opting for a bob because it is not as manageable as it is for people with thin hair. Nonetheless, that does not mean it is impossible for you. Medium length bob haircuts for thick hair are manageable only if you set out to take care of it using the right tools and styling products otherwise it will look as if you are growing out your hair from a short hairstyle. Remember the famous Rachel’s cut? Everyone jumped on the bandwagon and only a handful of people could pull it off. Jennifer Aniston had mentioned later how it was hard for her to maintain it without the help of her hairstylist.

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How To Style A Layered Bob For Thick Hair:

Since the angle of the cut is a bit longer than usual, it works best for square and oblong face cuts. If you have a round face, then don’t opt for this one because it will draw more attention to the roundness.

Use a heat protectant every time you use a styling tool and use a texturing spray to set the look. A balayage color technique with warm and caramel tones is perfect for this look.

Natural Kinky Hair

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Kinky hair is beautiful and natural, but you need to care for them. I know some ladies aren’t fans of their natural hair because they aren’t quite sure what to do with them! This hair needs moisturization and softening by products made especially to protect them. Choose a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and use a hair mask once a week. Treat yourself and your tresses with a microfiber towel. Here are just a few tips to make your hair look great. Try it!


Shaggy Layers For Long Bob

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As your hair gets longer, it may be outweighed by the heavy length of outgrown tresses. Well, this is where layers should come into your life, regardless of what hair type you have. Of course, they will look wonderful on all lengths, but if you want to stay on point while rocking an elongated bob, these cuties are necessary. Shaggy layers are sharp, pointed, and soft at the same time, which will allow for you various styling experiments.