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Dark Brown Ideas

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Don’t feel like being too radical? We understand that, despite all the advantages of black hair, it has its disadvantages, too. For example, once you dye your hair black, your hairstylist won’t find the words to describe the difficulty of going light when you ask for it. “Impossible” doesn’t apply here, as you can actually do that. It’s hard, indeed, and incredibly harmful to your hair. Dyeing always affects our hair in some measure, but this time it can be a real disaster. So, let’s talk about the dyeing compromise. How do you like these brown color ideas? Admit it, it looks warmer and softer than soft black hair, as it gives a really natural look. It’s so cool to experiment: change our hair color, trying out new makeups, go for different coloring techniques. And if you feel that you are not ready to say goodbye to experiments, it’s better to opt for this color. With the dark brown, it will be possible to go for any color your soul wishes.

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