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A-Line Bob

Source: gulevich.vladimir via Instagram, headrushdesigns via Instagram

A-Line Bob Red #roundface #shorthair #faceshapehairstyles

A-Line Bob Brown #roundface #shorthair #faceshapehairstyles
A-Line Bob Highlights #roundface #shorthair #faceshapehairstyles

A-line bobs are amazing and beneficial by default. But when it comes to working with round faces, they reveal their real beautifying potential. Since they have an angular shape, the front strands are significantly longer than the back ones. And that means your beautiful face will always have a lot of room for framing. Needless to say, A-line cuts are known for their face-slimming magic.

Now you know that complimenting short hairstyles for round faces exist, and actually, the pool of options is quite big. Our blog has more useful info, check it out!

Main photo by Taylorlashae