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Top Tips For Choosing Right Hairstyle

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Top Tips For Choosing Right Hairstyle Inverted Bob #roundface #shorthair #faceshapehairstyles

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Top Tips For Choosing Right Hairstyle Blonde Bob #roundface #shorthair #faceshapehairstyles

There are some general tips that can help choose the best hairstyles for chubby round faces.

  • Never opt for heavy bangs that are straight. These bangs end like a line placed horizontally, which can only widen a round face visually.
  • Hairstyles for fat faces and overweight women are never sleek and compact. Such hairstyles can only worsen the situation. Mind that, in case you are a plus size woman.
  • No matter which hairstyle you pick, if you leave some elongated strands by both sides of the face, it will easily make a face appear slimmer.
  • Also, you can always go for side bangs that are elongated. Any line placed diagonally will cross the face and thus make it appear longer.
  • Another way to visually elongate the face is to get some volume boost on the top.
  • If you opt for curls, make sure that they are not placed any near your cheeks.
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