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Blonde, Caramel, And Brown Tones

Blonde, Caramel, and Brown Tones Balayage

Reddish tones on brunette hair are always a popular choice. Start with a dark burgundy or deep chocolate brown at the base and then add chunky caramel heights with a subtle sprinkle of blonde for a stunning style with color and dimension.

Source: Kimjettehair via Instagram

Brunette Layered Haircut

Brunette Balayage Hair

For those who like to wear their hair down, this medium length cut with its bold and choppy layers and dramatic darker brown balayage is both fun and sexy. If you want to be a bit bolder, graze the layers with a lighter shade. Light caramel on deep black is sultry and sophisticated.

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Wavy Brown Bob

Wavy Brown Balayage Hair

There are so many options for brunettes when it comes to balayage hair colors. You can add caramel and auburn tones to your darker tresses or add golden shades from light blonde to a softer brown. The more shades you add, the deeper the dimension. Start with a dark base and wash in medium colors with light ash tones towards the ends and then add very thin ribbons of blonde throughout for a unique and sexy style.

Source: Marianna_hewitt via Instagram

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