Blunt bob haircuts are flattering for thick, thin, and medium hair length. So make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and explore all the ideas we gathered for you. Blunt bobs are super elegant and chic. But there are also ways to make them look not so formal. A lot of dying suggestions, including ombre, loose curls and you are ready to rock any party.


Light Color Bob Hairstyles

Light Color Bob Hairstyles #bluntbobhairstyles #bluntbob #bobhairstyles
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Blunt bob hairstyles are all the rage at the moment, and there is a bunch of reasons to support the trend. The major one would be that a blunt bob is exceptionally versatile, and you can pair it with almost any look.

Light Color Bob Haircuts #bluntbobhairstyles #bluntbob #bobhairstyles
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Should you be willing to stick to the classics, a good-old blond bob cut at the shoulder level is precisely what you need. The variation will come of great use if you have a thick mane since it will take off all the weight leaving only the style to admire.

Light Color Bob Hairstyles picture3
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A wavy bob can be quite blunt as well. All it takes is to pick the right hair color to go with it. An icy blonde seems to deal with the goal seamlessly.


Dark Color Bob Hairstyles

Dark Color Bob Hairstyles
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Did you know that bob with bangs can help you enhance your face shape better than any plastic surgery? Should you need some angles added to the scene – the side bangs will deal with the task perfectly.

Dark Color Bob Hairstyles picture1
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It is a known fact that messy bob hairstyles are not for all. However, there is another way to show your rebellious side off. How do you feel about a layered bob with deep mahogany shading?

Dark Color Bob Hairstyles With Ombre #bluntbob #bobhaircut #haircuts
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For the longest while, a neat ombre has been a dream of many. If you think that the trend has expired – think again! It has acquired a new flair, and you are bound to give it a try!

Dark Color Bob Hairstyles #bluntbob #bobhaircut #haircuts
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Dark long bob possesses that slightly daring vibe that can be tamed when needed. If you seek an adjustable style to play around with, this may be just the venue to explore!

Add Bright Shades To Your Short Style

Add Bright Shades To Your Short Style
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It is amazing how much room for experimentation a short bob has to offer. A brick-bright blunt bob can serve as a reflection of a dedicated and vibrant personality. Don’t limit your options – take everything that the fashion world has to offer!

Bright Shades To Your Short Style
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Have you ever admired the hues that a daybreak projects? The colorful transitions from blue to purple and pink and breath-taking. But, do you know what can be as amazing to look at? A same-shaded blunt bob!

Add Bright Shades To Your Style #bluntbob #bobhaircut #haircuts
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The magic and lightness of layers are not for all. If you are all-in for smooth cuts and silky-soft locks, a mind-blowing straight bob with a tasty copper hue to it will be a great option to think about.


Blonde Bob For Stylish Girls

Blonde Bob For Stylish Girls
by @instagram_balayageombre

The power of an inverted bob shouldn’t be underrated in any case. However, it is the shading that takes the cut to the next level. Should you be willing to sport one of the most stylish cuts for sassy blondes, a blunt bob with a blonde transition is precisely the idea to brood upon.

Blonde Bob for Stylish Girls picture 1
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You are mistaken if you think that silver-toned blondes are the only trends to consider. There are countless warmer blonde hues to give a test drive to. Hopefully, this utterly blunt and super-stylish bob will push you in the right direction.

Long Blonde Bob For Stylish Girls #bluntbob #bobhaircut #haircuts
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Don’t feel like sporting a choppy bob this season? Then it is time to expand your horizons a little. A gorgeous wispy mid-length bob is waiting!

Straight Blonde Bob For Stylish Girls #bluntbob #bobhaircut #haircuts
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One of the main characteristics of the blunt bob is that it is immensely versatile. A stacked honey bob will help you enhance that fine mane of yours to the point you haven’t expected to exist!

Attractive Short Hairstyles

Attractive Short Hairstyles
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A-line bob carries most of the edginess that a short hairstyle can possess. Pair the cut with light highlights scattered over the pretty brunette canvas, and you will get yourself a look no one will be able to resist.

Attractive Short Bob Hair
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Another interesting peculiarity of almost any blunt bob haircut is the fact that it suits ladies of all ages. Whether you are looking for a mature style or a youthful cut, a blonde bob with a side part fits the description perfectly.

Perfect Bob Hairstyles with Highlights picture2
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It takes some courage and dedication to pull an asymmetrical bob off. If you don’t feel like experimenting at the moment, a center-parted short bob can save the day.


Perfect Bob Hairstyles With Highlights

Perfect Bob Hairstyles With Highlights #bluntbob #bobhaircut #haircuts
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Among all the bob hairstyles for black women, a natural-hued A-line bob for fine hair deserves all the attention it can get. It is perfectly light and flowing, let alone utterly trendy and appealing.

Wavy Attractive Short Hairstyles #bluntbob #bobhaircut #haircuts
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The magnificence of a well-styled curly bob can’t be coated in words. It is both gentle and daring at the same time. Not to mention that it suits all face shapes and textures.

Perfect Bob Hairstyles with Highlights picture 3
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An invertedmedium bob will suit elegant ladies who don’t want to show off their uniqueness. Keeping things classy counts as tasteful and wise. Feel like you belong to the category?

FAQ: Blunt Bob Hairstyles

What face shape suits a blunt bob?

Oval to round facial forms perfectly suit for bobs. It may be done on any hair type and can range from blunt to long or super-short, plus bangs, angles, layers, curls, whatever…

Does a blunt bob have layers?

A blunt haircut is one that lacks layers and is either sleek on ladies with naturally straight hair or more textured on denser hair types.

Is blunt cut better for thin hair?

For the people with thin or fine hair, a sleek blunt bob or lob is one of the best options.
It instantly adds volume and style to your hair, whether it’s straight, wavy or put in a ponytail.

Will a blunt cut make my hair look thicker?

Blunt bobs are among our favorite hairstyles because they suit almost everyone. A blunt perimeter makes your hair look thicker as compared with a haircut with more texturized or “wingy” ends.

So, if you have short hair, you can add some caramel highlights to brown hair, well-blended blonde highlights to blonde hair, and subtle highlights for light brown hair.